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Reading through R6RS. It seems to actually present a really nice system for programming in, even if it’s pretty big compared to R5RS. It feels seriously serious now. Looking through the library section on syntax-case, I found this:

Using datum->syntax, it is even possible to break hygiene entirely and write macros in the style of old Lisp macros.  The lisp-transformer procedure defined below creates a transformer that converts its input into a datum, calls the programmer’s procedure on this datum, and converts the result back into a syntax object scoped where the original macro use appeared.

(define lisp-transformer
  (lambda (p)
    (lambda (x)
      (syntax-case x ()
        [(kwd . rest)
         (datum->syntax #’kwd
           (p (syntax->datum x)))])

It’s nice to know, after spending all that time and effort trying to ensure hygiene, it’s that easy to break.


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